The Dominant Sophia


In my solo exhibition, 'The Dominant Sophia' at The Agnes Varis Arts Center, NY, it was my intent to create a series of sculptural objects and wall mounted installations that function as metaphors for the human condition. My main objective was to create a three-dimensional ‘rose window’, reminiscent of the round church windows of 17th Century France. Comprised of individually cast forms in clear lead crystal, each segment within the multi faceted installation contains the recessed detail of woven wheat kernels, a symbol of sustenance and life. Suspended at eye level on a wall, each rose window section was chemically polished and coated internally with gold nitrate, thus transforming the cavities of each piece into three-dimensional mirrors that reflect the audience and the environment the piece inhabits. Cast Crystal, 24 Carat Gold Mirror, Steel 65" x 65" x 4"