Demeter's Rose


Demeter’s Rose takes on the formation of an oculus window, commonly found in churches of the gothic architectural style. Rather than infiltrating light into a sacred space, Demeter’s Rose refracts light to its viewer. The clear crystal segments act as apertures for the residual details of wheat and seed-like formations that lie within. Here, both the wheel and the wheat pay homage to the ever-flowing cycle of life and death, a rhythm that is embodied in Demeter, the Greek goddess of the harvest. For centuries, the ‘wheel window’ has been used as a symbol of spirituality and that, which is infinite: the universe or the cosmos. Demeter’s Rose is stripped of the color and grandiose iconography usually presented in church windows to deliver what is essential and unifying to us all.Cast Crystal / Steel / Stainless Steel 58" x 58" x 4"